Fortune Custom Homes is proud to be featured in the El Paso Festival of Homes

Festival Homes through the years…

  • 2018



  • 2019

    La Joya



  • 2022


    El Paraiso

  • 2023

    La Perla



  • 2024

    Stay Tuned

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Fortune Custom Homes

Established 1988-Present Day

Fortune Custom homes has continued its longevity by creating stylish homes that our customers enjoy and are proud to own. Our commitment to excellence and quality is unquestionable. For over a quarter of a decade, Fortune Custom Homes has constructed homes throughout the beautiful southwest city of El Paso, TX. From the valleys to the mountains, and the east to the far west. Our philosophy towards business and building homes is why Fortune Custom Homes continues to grow and succeed. A philosophy that puts the customer first, that stands by its product, that listens and responds to their clients needs and desires. A company that cares and takes pride in how your home is built. We thank all of our past, current, and future customers for considering Fortune Custom Homes in being part of your lives.

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